Surviving Fashion Week from A-Z.

Fashion Week is a like a week long party. You barely get sleep, you consume lots of liquids, you schmooze and take photos, but if you are not prepared you will get swept'd under the rug. Below is a list of tips from Honey Magazine.

A is for Apple Store West 14th St. This year, Milk Studios is the 2nd home to New York’s Fashion Week with shows and presentations from some of Honey’s favorite designers including Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler. Great thing about Milk’s location is it’s a block away from the Meat Packing District’s Apple Boutique and it’s free wi-fi and line-free restrooms.

B is for Booties
— Spare your ankles the strain of the week with the added support of a funky, strapped bootie.

C is for Caffeine
— All coffee is not created equal, but when it’s free, double up on whatever you can at the McCafe station in the tents. Save the coffee coins for cabs. Again, your feet will thank you.

D is for don’t forget your invites
— Without an invite, the flyest fashionistas get turned away before even entering the tents, so don’t play yourself. Fashion shows are by invite only with emphasis on INVITE.

E is for the Eighties, baby
— Although we’re looking ahead to Spring 2010, this fall, the fashion world is still in love with all the borderline tackiness that was the Dynasty and Dallas decade. So peek into the far corners of your mom or auntie’s closet and pull a vintage piece for the week.

F if for faux fur
— As much as we’d like to hold on to the last days of summer, the reality is that this is the North and it’s September. Don’t get caught out there on a brisk night of partying a faux fur vest works well from day into night, offering added warmth and sass for the evening shows.

G is for Gap
— We’re still loving the distressed denim look (perfect for daytime and weekend shows). Right now we’re obsessed with Gap’s 1969 premium denim that have penny-pinching prices.

H is for hotel happy hours
— We almost feel bad for sharing this one, but free alcohol is at stake so we’ll just charge this one to the game. We’re not giving out names, but know that just about every popular hotel in the Bryant Park area, surrounding the tents, offer a happy hour for guests usually from 5 to 7pm. Don’t let that ‘fit go to waste. Hang in the lobby, make a friend and indulge in top-shelf moments for $free.99.

I is for international “friends”
— Let’s face it: the dollar isn't what it used to be. So if you can score a dinner date with a P.Y.T. with pound or euro-heavy pockets, consider yourself lucky ... and well-fed.

J is for Jamba Juice
— Watch your blood sugar and waistline with an all-fruit smoothie, complete with an energy boost. We’re fans of the Match Green Tea Blast low-sugar, low-calorie, and high voltage.

K is for K.I.S.S.
— Keep It Simple, Stupid. Please apply this rule to your handbag inclusions. There isn't anything worse than being unnecessarily weighed down by a heavy bag when your trying to “casually” catch up with your favorite male model.

L is for
— Just in case you’re a little too worn out to fully explore all the late night happenings, you can totally fool your friends (FB), followers (Twitter) and fashion-week exempt bloggers (non-New Yorkers) with pics from one of our favorite morning pit-stops. A nice lil’ link back to the site should keep you out of legal trouble, although we doubt these kids will be sober enough to realize the swipe.

M is for Marc Jacob's after-party
— It’s baaack and with performance from Lady Gaga! Refer to “D” on this one or quickly find a disco-stick and go as a back-up dancer for Ms. Love Game herself.

N is for the “new” uniform
— All black everything ... Jay, we’re listening.

O is for October mastheads
— Before you run up to your editorial girl crush asking for an interview for your HiveSpot blog, grab the latest issue of your favorite print mags (usually a month ahead on newsstands) to make sure they’re still there. We’d hate for you to still reference Nina Garcia of Elle or Kate Davidson Hudson of Harper’s Bazaar. Almost two years later, our H.B.I.C. still gets questioned about Vibe Vixen. #epicfail

P is for power
“The ‘u’ is for used to…’’ OK, enough Electrik Red! We’re talking about power looks, i.e. strong shoulders, strong brows, etc. It’s fashion week, so let your inner stylist out, just pause when the look gets costumey.

Q is for quick changes
Here’s where all the “silly” little tips you’ve heard over the years come into play. For example, clutch and C.F.M. pumps in tote bag for night. If it sounds like a time-saver, it’ll probably do you some good this week. Here’s a new one: use a small contact-lens case to store face wash and eye make-up remover so there’s no excuse to sleep in your make-up after not turning down “turn down” service from that male model (refer to “K”).

R is for runway road-kill
It’s not just the models that find themselves flat on their faces. Watch your step and the plastic on the catwalk before the “pull” when finding your seat. Remember, red-bottoms in the air should be reserved for the bedroom.

S is for standing room
— If you’re really dying to go to a show and you don’t have an invite, get there early and wait patiently in the “standing room” line. Usually, the folks in the beginning of the line make it in and are often used as seat fillers for the cameras. That means first or second row seating. #EpicWin

T is for taxi receipts
— Aside from the obvious tax write-off or expense report inclusion, always waiting for a receipt from your taxi will give you time to make sure you grabbed everything you got in with. Just in case you forget something, the reciept will have the cab’s medallion number to help you locate your lost goods.

U is for umbrella
Okay, this one may seem pretty damn obvious but you’d be surprised at how many fashion folks get caught waiting to enter a show outside in what starts off as a light “mist” and ends up ruining all suede present. Do yourself a favor and swing over to the Lord & Taylor two blocks from the tents and find a tote-able mini.

V is for VMAs
— Remember, the MTV Video Movie Awards are at the mid-point of fashion week. Now with Janet Jackson opening the show, we’re pretty sure anyone who has access to those tickets will be getting ready during the day and present for the return to Radio City Music Hall. That means plenty of folks will be skipping shows that day- refer to “S” and get your flats ready for the wait.

W is for Wasson, Erin Wasson X RVCA
— Model-turned-stylist-turned-jewelry designer-turned-clothing designer… Jill of all trades, master of none? Given her clear success as a model, stylist for Alexander Wang, and blog-adored jewelry line, all she has to do to completely end all doubt at her “multi-tasking” is wow us at the tents- the big tent.

X is for X-fare aka AirTran U
— If you’re college-aged and can’t bear the thought of spending a weekend at another dorm party when you could be soaking up all the energy of the fashion-forward, then pack lightly and fly stand-by to LaGuardia or Newark for $69 (short segments) and $99 (long-hauls). The city will be buzzing, the tents is a scene in-and-of-itself, and charitable editors who have way too many shows on their schedule are known to throw invites at cute students on the sidelines. There’s always the show after-parties, which for leggy, model look-a-likes are usually easier to crash than the shows.

Y is for Yves Saint Laurent Easy Liner for Eyes
By far one of the best automatic eyeliners, perfect for subway and taxi make-up sessions. Pair with YSL's volumizing mascara for the “P” effect.

Z is for Zitomers
— First sign of dark circles or a stressed induced pimple, high tail it about 10 blocks up from Bryant Park and take refuge in this beauty mecca- there’s bound to be a cure-all balm here.

Source: Honey Magazine Online

-Phaon Spurlock

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