Press To Impress.

While most of us believe that it is the inner self that matters more than outward appearance, studies have proven otherwise as it relates to "First Impression". In fact, an individual is making a first impression of another within 7 seconds based upon that individual image. This "Impression" normally consist of an individuals Appearance, Style of Dress, Body Language, and Mannerism. Statistics states, 7% of a first impression is a individual choice of words, 38% is the tone of the individual choice of words, and 55% is appearance. So actually, the human race pay more attention on how a person look, rather than what is being said. Whether one likes it or not appearance is the primary aspect of making a good "First Impression".

Here are some vital keys of making the best first impression as it relates to your appearance:

1) You are being watched at all times. *Your appearance and your behavior determines how much success you are going to have in life.

2) Always think of yourself as a brand and your look as your logo. *Before you walk out your door you should ask yourself these questions: What am I advertising about myself and/or what message do I want to send about who I am?

3) Remember to put your best foot forward in your appearance. *Ladies keep it attractive/Gents stay well groomed.

Always I mean "always" have class and keep a pleasant attitude.

This is Jimmie "Mr. Debonair" Williams signing off........
So remember there is "Never" a second chance to a "First Impression".

What Do You Think?

-Jimmie "Mr. Debonair" Williams

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Bevin Elias on December 17, 2010 at 12:48 AM said...

dope, really cool

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