Que | "Guitar Her" Mixtape Review.

Free flying and ready to serenade her with his guitar.  Day 26’s Que officially dropped his mix-tape titled “Guitar Her” this past Saturday, Dec 11th. If you haven’t downloaded it yet I highly recommend. It’s clear his goal was to give the listeners just enough with this tape. Weighing in with 9 songs, the mix is far from disappointing.  Upon first listen I found myself saying, “ Hey, I’m feeling this already.” Laced with catchy hooks and dope tracks songs like Hair Ruff, Ya Heard Me and Take It Upstairs easily stood out. But my favorite is Free Falling ft his lady in waiting Dawn Richard.  I wasn’t rocking with Que on Making the Band but I think I’m feeling his music. Ok, enough about how I feel,  time for you to download that thing for yourself.  It’s worth it.... I APPROVE
SN: Que can sing and dance.. he just might be a contender Chris, Trey, Ush and Miquel. #imjustsaying

Click this link to download  http://quethafuture.com/content/

What Do You Think?

-Corey "C'Yo" Brown

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