Pershing 115' Yacht | The Rolls Royce of Yachts...Seriously!

Talk about a SUPER Yacht! Pershing, a well known builder of yachts, added a new Rolls Royce powered monster to its arsenal. The 115’ is fitted with twin diesel MTUs delivering a total of 7,400 hp together with the applied thrust of the two Kamewa Rolls-Royce water-jet propellers, the standard model has an impressive maximum velocity of about 38 knots.

The 115’ features a Vericor TF50 gas turbine with a central water-jet propeller that produces an additional 5,100hp. This brings the top speed up to 52 knots!

Not only is this speed demon fast it also has a luxe living area that can sleep a total of nine people, comfortably! Check out the photos below.
 This bedroom is larger than most Manhattan studio apartments!

 What Do You Think?

-Phaon Spurlock, The Southern Gentleman

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