Event: Trail Blazers Art Gallery Event | Artist Mark DeMaio.

On Thursday March 31, 2011 I had the opportunity to attend the Trail Blazers Art Gallery Event. The event was held at The Hill located in New York City.  The event was a fundraiser to raise money for "Camperships" of $500 to send a child to camp for two weeks.

The space was filled with great artwork from various artist. However, there was one artist artwork that I was particularly drawn to. The artist name is Mark DeMaio. The two paintings stood out as they were vibrant in color and unique in concept! (see below) Mark's style is contemporary but with a fresh sight. I took some time to do some research on Mark. This New York City painter has held many solo shows as well as group exhibits. In 2008 DeMaio's "The Practice of Injury in Private" at Synchronicity Fine Art in New York was a solo show of portraits capturing and exploiting the grotesque and sublime in life, subject  matter ranged from royalty to burn victims.

 DeMaio's original artwork

The artist is prepping for his next big show for his untitled collection which will open in December 2011. In his next show the artist  tells us that a seismic technique will be on display. "I will be representing the application of paint with a more personal approach then ever before. I won't ignore the narrative that's always so clear in my work, but I will be presenting it in a way I've never before exhibited. I'm very excited for people to see the new work" says DeMaio. Check him out at www.markdemaio.com

DeMaio's original artwork

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-Phaon Spurlock, The Southern Gentleman

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