Music: 4 I My Thoughts, Not a Review.

Where to I start???

First, can I say this "4" journey has been a long crazy one for Mrs. Carter and her supporters. With a lot of the public not responding well to the release of "Run the World (Girls)" and letting that over shadow her follow up single, "Best Thing I Never Had", people were beginning to become a little worried about projected record sales. Well, those worries came crashing down! 8 hours after being released in the U.S. on itunes Beyonce's "4" shot to #1 on the charts. Adding to the glory, she also rose to #1 in 23 countries across the globe. Can we say AMAZING?/!

Ok, here are my thoughts on the Queen's a.k.a King B these days (I feel you) album. When I first heard it I instantly fell in love but wasn't sure if it was her best work. The mixture of sounds, and absence of interludes and outerludes to help transition the songs made it a little hard to digest at first. However, once I stepped back and remembered that her theme for this album was to do a gumbo of music it began to make more sense. The quality of the songs also made the conceptualizing process easy. I've always been a supporter of Destiny's Child but didn't officially hop on the Bey train until B-Day. But since then I've gone back and listened to all her work and was a passenger on her plane for "I Am Sasha". Being able to have been apart of her artistic progression, liking and loving it all, while being able to understand the views of those who didn't, I can safely say this is her best work to date. Most know Bey has R&B roots, but then ventured off into pop (that's when a lot of doubters began to talk). She has successfully created trendy, instant hits, such as: "Check Up on It", "Video Phone", "Get Me Bodied", anthems like, "Irreplaceable" and dropped a few classics like, "Halo", "Flaws and All", "Single Ladies" and "Crazy In Love". But now she has found her sweet spot. This album marks Mrs. Carter successfully etching her unique sound and lane. This album has a song for each of her supporters and what they loved about her and will love about her. There are trendy hits, anthems, classics and even music that will get our parents jamming. When she said she wanted to make a gumbo, she did just that.

This album should officially make all the doubters of her artistry into believers. "4" has awarded her certified musical artist status. For me personally, I've always known a music artist was in her but I just wanted a song that I call a "soul shaker" to officially place her on the page with the greats and finally she did! After teaming up with MEGA song writer Diane Warren, who has wrote songs for greats like Celine Dion, Aerosmith, and Mariah Carey, they created the masterpiece "I Was Here"! This song represents my life's dream and desire. I think everyone who has aspiration to live a life that leaves an impact will appreciate it. I invite you to buy it and listen to the lyrics, track, and how Beyonce's vocals come together to create a story that is sure to stain your mind.

Although the album deserves a straight play through, personal highlights include, "I Care", "I Miss You", "End of Time", "I Was Here", "Schoolin' Life" and "Dance For You".

If you haven't yet, go and buy this album. It's very rich so take your time.

For those who took a listen....What Do You Think?

-Corey C'Yo Brown, Living & Loving (@CoreyCyoBrown)

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Anonymous said...

That was a very thorough "analysis"...I'm anxious to get my copy

jeyfromBK said...

her best album by far!! it takes her into the space Tina Turner & Diana Ross occupied for our parents, we finally have a artist and a selection of songs that i will want to see in vegas when i'm 50-60 years old!

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