Reebok Classics x S​wizz Beatz "Reethym of Life" Campaign Launch Party.

Swizz Beats Reethym of Life

In a flash of lights and neon signs, Swizz Beatz’s “Reethym of Lite” was an elaborate spectacle, which took place Tuesday July 19, 2011 in New York City. Hennessey Black was at every bar, and, though club “Espace” was very intimate, the guest list was a mile long. The carpet included a stacked roster of celebs: Pharell, Nore, Maino, Lloyd Banks, Nneka, Diddy, Busta Rhymes and of course Beyonce & Jay, and Swizz’s wife, Ms. Alicia Keys. Nice. 

Swizz Beats clive davis alicia keys Reethym of Life

Swizz Beatz, a super producer and super philanthropist, had in mind to configure the most creative way of fostering the new Reebok campaign, an all-out cultural revolution! International rebel singer, “Nneka”, who lives in Nigeria, was in the house, and said that she couldn’t imagine anywhere else she would want to be than at the event. She mentioned missing a plane back to Lagos to stay in NYC to go to the exclusive midtown Event, “I’m here to see Swizz and lend my support.” 

Swizz Beats Reethym of Life

Plenty of pretty people and swagger enthusiasts hovered the “Shoe Wall” which featured Swizz’s latest kicks and varsity jacket. “Every color of sneaker on the wall represents something different, something cool”, commented a fashion-forward fan. 

Swizz Beats Reethym of Life

In fact, every wall, every shelf, and every booth in Espace had a fresh pair of kicks on display. It was like confectionary factory, where Swizz was a real life Wonka. Purple, Blue, Pink, Yellow, sneakers for days and years. 

Swizz Beats Reethym of Life

The only music that was bumped all night was old school Hip-Hop, something that everyone in the house was able to sing and sway to. And when the A Tribe Called Quest song “Electric Relaxation” hit, everyone yelled the lyrics aloud. But, the house went absolutely nuts when Swizz hit the stage with new cuts never heard before. 

Swizz Beats Reethym of Life

The unveiling of Reethym of Lite Brand is set to shake up the world of fashion, injecting an international zeal that will no doubt turn the outerwear universe on it’s ear, and Espace in Times Square was the first space shuttle. 

Photos from Miles Gamble, and Wireimage

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-Miles Gamble, Guest Blogger

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